WORDS BY MUTANT MALAYSIA, 16 March 2016 – Singapore-based content creation platform, Words (, launches today, delivering a quality e-commerce solution for businesses, brands and agencies.

The platform, launched by Mutant Communications, allows marketing professionals to easily order and pay for content marketing material online including blogs, whitepapers, infographics, biographies, website content, and other copy and design services.

The Words platform is backed by a team of experienced content writers based in Singapore and was developed to streamline the inefficiencies that traditionally lead to higher cost quotes for ad hoc projects.

By cutting out numerous briefing meetings, follow-ups, quoting and invoicing, Words can offer top quality production at a competitive fee.

“Words is a solution for the industry that enables us to deliver quality content to brands, no matter how big or small, without the need for larger commissions or ongoing retainers,” says Joseph Barratt, CEO of Words and Mutant.

“We are dedicated to finding solutions for businesses, so it always pained us to have to turn down clients previously that were not cost effective for us to handle.”

“Words works for everyone – from big brands who need a bit of extra support for campaigns, through to smaller businesses that might not be willing to engage an agency on a full content campaign.”

The agency behind the platform, Mutant Communications, is a fast-growing content marketing and PR agency with a stable of writers and designers that include former magazine editors, journalists and content marketing professionals. The decision not to outsource this work ensures 100% in-house quality control.
Mutant’s previous content clients range from start-ups through to MNCs, which have included Facebook, Unilever, PayPal, UBS and

“Content creation is a rapidly growing area across Asia and we see the opportunity to help with that transition by educating clients and enabling all businesses to access quality content,” says Joseph Barratt.

“If a company then needs to step it up with content marketing strategies and larger volumes, they can then talk to us about their needs.”

Words is extremely easy to use, and customers can select the product they require and pay online. This removes the hassle of long meetings, negotiations and payment terms, providing a seamless user experience.

To receive content, clients can follow a step-by-step process on the Words website, and can expect a turnaround of within 3-5 days, depending on the scope.